Dessert Beers! :D

Who needs candy when you’ve got beer?


Last week I received a rather sweet gift in the form of a bottle of Tiny Rebel’s Stay Puft porter and a tinny of Darkstar’s Creme Brulee. I do love me a weird beer and these two didn’t disappoint.

creme Brulee.pngLet’s start with the creme Brulee. Self described as “ADessert in a Can” and it sure does what it says on the tin. The smell is gorgeous, dark and malty topped off with caramel, and vanilla. I didn’t find the taste as lovely as the smell but it was still pretty damn good. There was a slight sharpness to it that I wasn’t fond of, which I felt didn’t compliment the sweetness, almost made it a little sickly. But all in all it went down pretty smoothly and I’d certainly drink it again.

It’s apparently a stout, which I didn’t even realise as I was drinking it, for a dark beer the flavour was extremely light. At 5.9% it’s a little strong for me, but it’s not really the kind of thing you’d drink can after can of so that’s okay. Over all I’d give it a 7/10.

On to my favorite of the two, Tiny Rebel’s Stay Puft. Can I start by giving a nod to the bottle art, Tiny Rebel always smash it with their branding. If I hadn’t been drinking it on a park bench (I know, I’m classy) I’d have kept the bottle.tr_kegclip_staypuft-01

Now I’m not really a Porter kinda gal. I hate coffee and most of ’em taste like Coffee so it’s rare that I find one I’m able to finish. But this is not only my favorite Porter I’ve ever had but also up there in my top 5 beers I’ve ever had. This Marshmallow porter tastes…well, like marshmallows. I love Marshmallows and have been missing them since turning vegetarian last spring but this brew is suitable for vegans, giving me a new way to get my marshmallow fix! There’s also a strong presence of dark chocolate in the flavour with a hint of bitter so it avoids being as sickly as it could’ve been. I adored this so much I’m giving it a solid 10.

Finally! Beers I can drink with Dessert!